Roof Replacement FAQ

Roof Replacement FAQ

  • What will happen to my satellite dish?

    If you have a satellite dish installed on your roof, My-Pros will need to detach & reset the dish. Keep in mind that we are not satellite technicians My-Pros will do our best to position the dish with the same angle, in some events we are not successful and your satellite provider will need to re-align the dish. Some family's do not want to take the chance of having no television service. Which you can call your satellite provider to inform them of the build date and they will sent out a technician Your satellite company might charge you $50.00 to $100.00 to send out a techinan to re-align your dish. If you have purchased the insurance from your satelitte provider than usually there is no cost charged to you.

  • Is there anything I need to do to before My-Pros starts roofing?

    Roof replacement and roofing repair is messy and noisy process. Consider going somewhere else for about two to three hours once roofing contractors start removing the old roofing shingles to avoid all the noise. Keep pets in mind too. There's no way around it. But we do all we can to minimize hassle and inconvenience during the roofing process. Park your cars in the street. The roof removal trucks need to back up to the house. You'll save your tires from nails and your car from dust and falling debris.

  • Do you keep the property clean?

    Cleanliness is very important. Yes, we clean our work area and the surrounding yard area at the conclusion of every workday.

  • What is the advantage of using a trailer versus a dumpster?

    In My-Pros opinion a trailer/dump truck is a better solution for the property owner for a two main reasons. Most dumpster companies will give a 3-5 day window of when the dumpster will be picked up. Which means you will not have access to your garage during that window of the pick up of the dumpster. The second reason is when a dumpster is delivered you are taking a chance of cracking or scratching your driveway.

  • Why does My-Pros use an ASTM certified underlayment paper?

    An ASTM certified underlayment paper will last the life of your roof without breaking down during the life of your new roof.

  • Should I have my roof replaced during the winter?

    A roof needs to be installed with an average tempature of 35 degrees for a couple of hours, according to most shingle manufacturers. At My-Pros we will only shingle when the tempature is higher than 40 degrees for a couple of hours.

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