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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Roof Replacement Before Snow Storm in Milton, WI

Saturday, March 18th, 2017 by Joe Metz


On a Wednesday afternoon in March, the wind was blowing 30-50 MPH with wind gusts reaching 60 MPH. A homeowner in Milton, WI noticed that majority of her roof shingles were on the ground. That coming Sunday there was 6-9" of snow in the forecast, and the homeowner knew she had to contact a roofing contractor immediately before she had a bigger problem than just the roof.

My-Pros was at the house the next morning and noticed that the roof was in bad shape just by driving up the driveway. Once we were on the roof, we knew that the snow storm coming was going to be a problem.  During our inspection, we noticed that the previous roof installer did not install the roof shingles correctly. Some of the shingles did not have enough nails and all of the nails we high nailed. A properly installed shingled roof should not blow off with winds blowing at 100 MPH.

The roof had to be replaced and quickly before the snow storm arrival in three days. Of course, My-Pros could place a tarp over the roof, but that would mean the homeowner would have another expense. So we decided to help save the customer some money that we would of to build the roof the next day.  This roof is over four thousand square feet and the next day was to be cold and breezy. We typically do not install a roof in this type of weather, but we knew with the weather conditions and the size of this roof it might take us two days to fix and there was at least half a foot of snow coming.


To install a new roof in less than 20 hours is usually no problem for us in an emergency situation. My-Pros moved very quickly ordering building material & scheduling our installers to be at the job site the following morning. By 7:00 a.m. the next morning we started to remove the rest of the roof that mother nature didn't already do for us. By 9:30 a.m. the building material had arrived. My-Pros kept working in the cold & windy conditions all the way to dusk that Friday. By Saturday before lunch, the roof was completed, and we were on the ground cleaning up the mess. The new roof was installed one day before the snow arrived.

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