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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Roof Replacement in Shirland, IL

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 by Joe Boettcher


Ken K. of Shirland, IL suspected his old roof was coming to the end of its life expectancy when it began to leak. Being an experienced contractor himself, Ken knew he needed a new roof sooner rather than later. And to avoid any more leaks forming in the future, this complete replacement had to be done right the first time. With these stipulations in mind, he chose My-Pros to replace his roof based on our reputation for accuracy on the first attempt. Honored that a fellow contractor would deem us worthy to work on his roof, we gladly agreed to give Ken his much-needed complete roof replacement. 



Our team arrived early in the morning and went to work preparing Ken's home for the job. We put tarps out all around the house to catch any loose debris and backed a disposal trailer up to Ken's garage. Then we removed Ken's old roofing system all the way down to the decking and inspected the decking to make sure it was suitable for installation. Once we were confident that we had solid decking to build upon, we began installing a state of the art CertainTeed roofing system.

No roofing system is complete without the three crucial layers of secondary leak protection (flashing, ice and water shield, and underlayment), so that's where we began. First, we installed all necessary flashing, including an aluminum drip edge along the peaks of the home, an aluminum gutter apron along the gutter line, and two lead pipe boots. We then installed CertainTeed Winterguard ice and water shield along the eaves and valleys to give Ken's roof the ice dam protection it will need during the winter months. Finally, we covered the rest of Ken's roof with CertainTeed RoofRunner synthetic underlayment to further waterproof the decking. With these three secondary layers in place, we were now ready to install Ken's shingles.

Looking to give his roof a very distinguished look, Ken chose to cover it with CertainTeed Landmark Pewter Gray architectural shingles. And while Ken did an excellent job picking out the new shingle, it was our job to make sure those good looking shingles were installed to last. To do this, we began by installing a starter strip along the eaves, gutter lines, and peaks of the roof, which was necessary to make sure the shingles would seal properly. Then we installed the regular shingles, using six nails per shingle to give them maximum wind protection. Once dimensional pewter gray shingles covered the roof, all that was left to do was install the ridge cap shingles and clean up. 

Ken liked our craftsmanship on his roof so much that he asked if we'd be willing to help him with another project: a fancy new garage he's hoping to have built next year. Of course, we told him we'd be more than happy to help him out, and we're looking forward to making more of his dreams come true in the future! It's just another example of why we love being pros.

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Manager: Craig Redding

Construction Superintendent: Timothy Juno

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