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Roof Replacement in Johnsburg, IL

Many homeowners wonder "how do I know if my roof is leaking?" Or, more generally, "how do I know my roof has a problem?" Roof damage is often subtle, but there are some signs you can look out for like water stains, drips, spots on exterior walls, and missing shingles. In the case of Kevin W. of Johnsburg, IL it was the squirrels living in his attic that started to tip him off. When the pest control professionals visited they told him there was serious hail damage to his shingles. He immediately contacted My-Pros and one of our Pros, Craig, was quickly on the scene. As you might expect, Craig quickly discovered Kevin's roof was in bad shape. Besides hail damage and a myriad of other problems, Kevin's roof was also aging rapidly and there were even granules coming off the roof exposing nails on the ridges.

Craig got Kevin's roof replacement approved by his insurance adjuster and we got to work. Our team arrived quickly and immediately set to work removing the existing shingles. Once the old roof was removed we installed a synthetic underlayment and ice and water shield around the eaves and other water-susceptible areas. We then installed beautiful replacement asphalt shingles. Kevin went with CertainTeed Landmark shingles in the color mission Brown. Not only does Kevin now have a beautiful new replacement roof, there's also no sign of squirrels in the attic!

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