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Roof Repair Case Studies: Hail Damage in Rockford, IL

Friday, May 11th, 2018 by Sydney Stewart


With the recent hail storm in Northern IL, many people are taking notice of hail damage to their homes. One of those homeowners was Alex M. of Rockford, IL. When Alex gave My-Pros a call about hail damage to his roof and gutters, we knew we needed to inspect quickly so he can get his roof repaired as soon as possible. When our Pro Craig got to the property and climbed on the roof, hail damage was evident. As with many asphalt shingle roofs, there were visible indentations where the hail had hit. While the homeowner was working on processing a claim through his insurance, he made the right choice in getting a Pro to come and inspect the roof first. By having your roof inspected by a Pro before an insurance adjuster, you can be sure that all the damage is accounted for and you can get the insurance money you deserve.


One the insurance gets approved, our Pro recommends doing a full replacement of the roof and gutters on Alex M.'s home. This will ensure that there is no water damage that could be caused by the hail indentations. Not only will a full roof and gutter replacement correct the hail damage, but Alex will also have a beautiful new roof for his home. As always, we recommend that each shingle should be installed with six nails to provide maximum wind protection as well as brand new underlaymentice and water shield, and flashing to provide full leak protection. 

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