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Roof Repair Case Studies: Roof Replacement after Wind Damage in Rockford, IL

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 by Joe Boettcher


Sometimes unfortunate events turn out to be blessings in disguise. When Marlene R. of Rockford discovered that her chimney had blown off during a recent wind storm, she couldn't foresee how this would benefit her in any way. Not only did she need her chimney fixed, but the blowoff had also damaged her roof in the process. She was looking at some costly repairs if her insurance refused to cover them. Fortunately, Marlene made the excellent decision to turn to My-Pros to help her get the coverage and repairs she deserved.

We knew that there was probably more to Marlene's situation than met the eye. When a chimney falls off a roof, it often indicates that other underlying issues might be putting the home at risk. So we went to work right away performing a thorough inspection of Marlene's roof, and just as we suspected, we found significant structural problems. This roof didn't only need a few repairs and a new chimney; it required a complete replacement.

We came to this conclusion when we discovered the roof had three layers of shingles--two of asphalt and one of cedar shake--that were quickly becoming too heavy for the underlying decking to handle. The plywood boards were beginning to separate from the joists, which is never a good thing because it can lead to a collapse. We knew it would be in Marlene's best interest to get her old roof replaced right away so that things didn't go from bad to worse. 



Having performed our thorough inspection of her roof, we presented our findings to the adjuster sent out by Marlene's insurance company to assess the damage. By assisting the adjuster in the inspection process, we were able to help get Marlene the complete coverage for the repairs that she so desperately desired. Now she was beginning to see how this unfortunate situation could work out in her favor!

Since some trusted friends had already fixed her chimney for her, it was up to us to give her a solid roof around it. We began by tearing off the three old layers of shingles and disposing of them in our debris trailer. Once the old decking was completely exposed, we went to work replacing it with brand new plywood nailed firmly to the joists. With the roof's wooden skeleton revitalized, we were now able to begin clothing it in roofing goodness.

The first and most crucial step of any roof replacement job is installing the underlying layers of leak protection, and Marlene's situation was no different. We first put flashing in all necessary areas, including around the chimney and along the edges of the roof. Then we installed ice and water shield along the eaves and by the chimney to provide Marlene with maximum ice dam protection during the upcoming harsh winter months. Finally, we covered the rest of her roof with synthetic underlayment paper. Together these components give Marlene's roof complete leak protection.

Then came the shingles. One layer of CertainTeed Landmark architectural shingles in Moire Black was all it took to make Marlene's roof look amazing. The shingles are thick, durable, and come with a non-prorated warranty, which will give Marlene peace of mind for a very long time.

Marlene couldn't be happier with how quickly her unfortunate situation turned into a beautiful new roof. And we're glad we were able to give it to her on the insurance company's dime. Gotta love being a blessing!

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