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Copper Wall Flashing Installation in Belvidere, IL

This homeowner hired a roofing contractor to replace his roof; however, he quickly realized he had hired a contractor that was not capable of properly installing copper counter flashing. That's when he turned to My-Pros to finish the job. We sent out a crew led by Tim Juno to install the copper flashing that the home deserved. The homeowner was very relieved to finally have the project completed!

New Roof in Roscoe, IL

A hail storm had damaged this Roscoe, IL roof. My-Pros met with the homeowners' insurance adjuster and received coverage for a full roof replacement.

Roof Replacement After Hail Damage in Loves Park, IL

This home had received storm damage from a recent hail storm. My-Pros met with the insurance adjuster and was able to get the homeowner a new roof from the damage the hail storm caused. The homeowner chose a Mission Brown a CertainTeed Landmark shingle. We were able to tear off and completely replace the roof in only one day!

Chimney Flashing Installation in Rockford, IL

The existing flashing around the chimney of this Rockford, IL home was old and was starting to rust. Using a grinder we removed the old worn flashing and installed new durable, rust-resistant flashing. The dust you see in the after picture will wash away and leave this home's chimney looking good as new.

Emergency Roof Repair in Dixon, IL

One of the last things you want to see after a vacation is a hole in your roof and a collapsed kitchen ceiling. Unfortunately, that was exactly what this family encountered after their vacation in Arizona. It was very clear this family required immediate emergency roof repair. Our team quickly tarped off the area in order to protect the home from rainwater and then took steps to mitigate the water and potential mold or mildew.

We then directed our attention to the glaring problem of the gaping hole in the roof. Since the roof decking was damaged and rotten we replaced most of it with new wood and then began a roof replacement by installing a new layer of shingle roofing, CertainTeed Landmark shingles in the color Georgetown Grey. We also installed a new ridge vent. While the kitchen is still being restored, the family can at least know that they are protected by a beautiful replacement roof.

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