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Photo Album: Flat Roof Replacement in Rockford, IL

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Thad J. of Rockford, IL noticed significant water damage on a section of his home that had a flat roof. Thad knew he needed to act quickly and called My-Pros for a free estimate. Once our Pro, Tim, got to the home, he knew that a full replacement was required. Water had been collecting on the roof and was causing damage to the decking below. Once Thad met with Tim, he knew that My-Pros was the right crew for the job.

The crew started by removing the existing flat roof material. Once Tim's suspicions about woodrot were confirmed, the crew cut out and replaced a piece of damaged decking. They then installed the new flat roof system with an EPDM roofing material. Thad's new flat roof will now repel water and keep his home safe.  

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