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When John K. of Marengo, IL gave My-Props a call about inspecting his commercial building regarding several leaking issues, we knew we had to act quickly in order to help out this property owner. When our Pro, Craig, arrived at the property, it was apparent both inside and on the roof that the leaking roof was a major issue. Water damage was visible inside the building, as well as on the exterior walls and the roof itself. One of the major issues was where the lower level pitched roof met up with a flat exterior wall. Since the transition between the roof and wall had a saddle, there was no way for water or debris to escape and would leak down into the property.

Additionally, the flat roof material on another part of the building had began to pull away from the edge of the building. This created a pucker that allowed water to flow into the walls of the building. This was damaging to both the interior and exterior walls of the property. The property owners had tried to temporarily hold off the water through placing tarps in the affected areas, but knew that a repair by a licensed professional was the only way to truly resolve the problem.

In order to remedy the issue of standing water in the transition between the pitched roof and the wall, a new pitched saddle should be constructed. Combined with a new ice and water membrane, this will effectively channel rain water off of the roof and create a leak-free transition. This will correct the issue of standing water and prevent further water damage to the interior of the building.

The flat roof needs a new seal applied around the edge where the puckering has occurred. This will stop the rain water from entering the walls and damaging the building. In order to extend the life of the flat roof and make this solution as effective as possible, our Pro also recommends that the property owner have a new elastomeric coating applied to the roof. The rubber-like coating will allow the roof a longer life and help prevent future water damage to the property.

However, this property owner was low on funds did not want to spend the money to repair the entire roof and wanted a “band-aid” for the existing leak. To temporarily solve the problem, our team covered the area with a torch down modified bitumen roofing material. This will help stop the immediate leaking into the property. We also sealed the edge of the flat roof with gaco tape to help with the existing puckering.


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