Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Friday, October 5th, 2018 by Sydney Stewart

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Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not – winter IS coming. As the leaves begin to turn orange and you think about where you stored your winter tires, you also need to think about preparing your roof for the upcoming season of snow and ice. While we will be going through the visual inspection you need to perform to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape, it is always best to contact a professional roofing contractor who knows all the safety precautions and how best to inspect your roof.

Visual Inspection

Since the last time you were likely near your roof was early spring when you last cleaned your gutters, chances are you haven’t inspected your roof for a couple months. Look from the ground and see if there are any missing shingles. You can also check for an exaggerated sag in the roof ridge line or any damage from fallen branches. It is important to check for potential damage on your roof before the snow hits and conceals the shingles.

Contact a Pro

After you have contacted your Pro, be sure to have certain susceptible areas checked out on your roof. Places where shingles meet flashing, bricks, plumbing stacks, and antenna mounts are more likely to leak than the plane of your shingles. Commonly, these areas have sealant applied to protect from water penetrating the edges. However, this sealant can weather and crack over time and may need to be reapplied by a professional team.

Clear Your Gutters

Though you hopefully had your gutters cleaned in the spring – or you have invested in Leaf Relief – it is always a good idea to double check for any debris in your gutters. It is important if you do not have gutter protection to ensure that all the water ways are cleared to help snow efficiently melt off your roof. You can also check the downspout for debris by flushing them with a garden hose.

Don't Forget the Attic

Once you’ve had the roof inspected and re-sealed if necessary, go ahead and look in the attic. Make sure your insulation is in good shape. This may be where you first notice a roof leak and can act before it damages your drywall. Wet insulation will not only reduce the insulating quality of the insulation, but it might not dry soon enough to prevent mold and wood decay from forming. If your insulation appears dry, make sure it is not clocking any roof vents, as they are essential to regulating the temperature of your roof and preventing ice dams.


If you inspect your roof in preparation for winter and find any issues, My-Pros is here to help. We are a locally-owned roofing company here to service all your winterizing needs.

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