Restoring Your Home After Water Damage/Roof Leak

Friday, August 3rd, 2018 by Sydney Stewart

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A leaking roof is one of the leading causes of water damage to your home. They don’t discriminate about the time or season they appear and often go undetected. Because of the damage water can cause, it’s important to take quick action if you notice a leak in your home. Read on to see five steps you should take to handle the restoration of your home after a major roof leak.

1. Document The Damage

The most important things you will learn when dealing with an insurance claim is to document, document, document. Our Pros are sure to document the damage to help you through this process, but it is always a good idea to take your own photos to keep in your records.

Be sure to take photos of the areas the water had damaged, the water accumulations, and the source of the water. Be sure to keep safety in mind and leave the photos of the roof to the professionals. Your insurance company will want evidence that the damage to your home was caused by an accident or storm, not because of a controllable circumstance.

2. Get A Professional Inspection & Estimate

When you notice the leak, be sure to call a professional immediately. Our Pros are trained to help you with this situation and know what to look for. This means they can identify the source of the leak and assess the damage. A professional should also be able to help you stop the leak by providing tarping and temporary repair services.

You will then want to obtain a written estimate from a licensed, bonded, and insured professional. Be sure to inquire about their insurance and be sure they are fully insured before they begin work on your property. A proper estimate should detail the problem, the materials necessary to repair it, and the cost of the job.

It’s important to remember that a contractor should NEVER be able to give you an estimate over the phone before they have come to your home and looked at the damage.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

This step can be done simultaneously with the previous step. You want to ensure that your policy includes water damage. If the issue was not caused by negligence, the claim should be a simple process. Therefore, it is very important to document the damage and the source of the damage. Our Pros can help you with the verbiage and terms that correctly explain how the leak began in your roof.

Remember that reimbursement will depend on your policy and any questions about your coverage or deductible should be asked directly to your insurance provider.

4. File A Claim

Once you are ensured that the leak will be covered, the next step is to file a claim with your insurance. Your insurance provider will schedule a time for an adjuster to come out and assess the damage. It is always a great choice to have your chosen contractor come out to the appointment. This way the professionals can discuss the extent of the damage and help push your claim through quickly.

5. Hire A Contractor

Once the insurance is approved, you can go ahead and sign a contract with your chosen contractor. Your insurance company has likely given you specific instructions on the type of company you can hire, so be sure to obtain all the necessary license and insurance information from your contractors. If one of them says that they cannot or will not provide you with this information, they are likely operating illegally.

At My-Pros, we are committed to returning your home to its former glory and also helping you make some improvements along the way. With specialized roofing crews, we have the right team to make your home beautiful and protected for many years to come.

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