Sell Your House Quickly With These 6 Home Improvement Tips

Friday, July 27th, 2018 by Sydney Stewart

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Preparing to sell your home or property is a very involved process that can oftentimes be overwhelming for homeowners. Besides removing all your personal items from a home you’ve made countless memories in, you also have to make sure the house is marketable to potential buyers.

Inspect Your Home's Roof, Electrical Panels, and Other Mechanical Products

Though it may not be at the top of a potential buyer’s wish-list, expensive items like the roof, air conditioning, furnaces, water heater, and electrical panels can be a big issue for buyers if they’re not up to date.

This is not to say all these big-ticket items need to be completely replaced, but they should be inspected for any necessary repairs. These small repairs can help the buyers have peace of mind knowing they can move into the home without something breaking in the first month.

If a potential buyer has FHA or VA financing, however, many adjusters may require the roof to be replaced. Even though the roof may not be at the end of its life, it will solidify buyer confidence and make an offer much sooner than they would on a home without a new roof.

Additionally, if the major components of the home are inspected and repaired, you won’t have to worry with a potential price renegotiation before closing after the buyer does an inspection. This means peace of mind during this major transition in your life.

Though it may not be in your budget to replace or repair these items, you now have the availability to contribute to the replacement cost in other ways – such as crediting closing costs or buying a home warranty for the property after selling it.

Upgrade Your Siding and Landscape for Maximum Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a major consideration when it comes to purchasing a home. If the buyer sees cracked vinyl siding and wood rod, they are less likely to purchase the home.

Repairing or replacing vinyl siding can change the entire appearance of a home. Color is a major consideration when it comes to potential buyers. Something as simple as updating the paint on a fiber cement home can help it stand out from the competition.

Doors and windows are also a major consideration in buying a home. Does the front door need a new coat of paint? Do all the windows have working locks? Ensuring these things can help give buyers peace of mind in the safety of the home.

Interior House Painting and Updated Fixtures for a Fresh Look

Buying a home is a very visual process in the early steps. Before you can convince a potential buyer that they should take advantage of the hot water heater, they see the dents and dings on the walls and scratched moldings. These easy repairs can be done with a fresh coat of paint.

When choosing paint colors, be sure to go with neutral colors that are light and on-trend. Taupe and grey are great neutral colors for any room in a home and will help the potential homeowner visualize their furniture in the room.

Another simple cosmetic update is light fixtures, ceiling fans, and light switches. Though these are easy things to update, they help the buyer think of one less thing they would need to replace in the home.

Add Value with Bathroom Remodeling & Cleaning

It can be as simple as cleaning up the grout and caulking around the shower. Nothing is worse than looking at a home that has a dirty bathroom. Make sure that the tile is updated and goes with the house. Neutral color palettes go a long way in bathrooms, as colored tiles look outdated and can be a deal breaker for potential buyers.

Other ways to help your bathroom sell the home is updating the sink vanity and mirrors, making them look luxurious and trendy.

New Kitchen Countertop & Backsplash to Seal the Deal

Kitchens sell houses. It’s where the family spends most of their time and is a major consideration for many buyers. There is nothing worse than a beautiful home with an outdated kitchen.

Consider replacing the countertops if they’re dirty and beyond repair. Granite is a very popular requirement for buyers and can help you add value to your home while selling it sooner. Adding in a backsplash can be a major addition that buyers will love if it adds interest to the kitchen.

Appeal to Buyers with New Carpet, Laminate, or Hardwood Flooring

If you can only afford one investment in updating your home for potential buyers, it should be the floors. This does not mean you need to run hardwood floor throughout the entirety of the home. Though hardwood is a great option and will help sell the home if it is within your budget, there are many other inexpensive options that can help upgrade the floor.

Laying down new laminate in the main areas and replacing the carpet in the bedrooms can change the whole look of a house. It’s also something that helps your home seem clean and buyers can have peace of mind that no other bare feet have touched their floors.


There is no magic solution in how to best sell your home as fast as possible at or above asking. However, making some upgrades to your home can definitely help potential buyers feel at ease knowing they don’t have to make these repairs or updates after making such a big purchase.


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