Standard Roof Shingle Warranty vs. Extended Warranty

Friday, May 11th, 2018 by Joe Metz

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Shingles are among the most durable roofing materials. Besides adding aesthetic value to your home, shingles also protect you against harsh weather conditions. This durability, however, does not mean that they are not vulnerable to damages. When you notice that your shingles have been damaged in one way or another, you need to call the right roofing professionals to carry out the maintenance tasks. The best part is that you do not have to pay a dime for your home to be reroofed. The free reroofing services will be actualized by warranties.

Towards this end, we provide property owners with either a standard roof shingle warranty or an extended warranty. These two warranties vary a great deal with the latter bearing more benefits for a homeowner compared to the former. Extended warranties are more comprehensive and are given a 5-star rating. 

After you have decided on the type of shingles you want installed in your home, you are given a ton of options from shingle manufacturers. These options also include the type of roof warranties that you could purchase. We will walk you through some of the warranties available for you and reveal the option that gives you the best protection. Besides the aforementioned options, there is also the workmanship protection, which is also included in the 5-star warranties. 

Contractor Warranties
These are also referred to as workmanship or service warranties. They usually last between two and five years. These warranties are usually issued by the contractor who is doing the roof installation in your home. Keep in mind that the period of coverage varies with the type of shingles you have bought to be installed on your premises. 

Typically, these warranties offer you coverage against any defects of workmanship during the roof installation. Keep in mind that if you choose a CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster installer, you are admissible for the 5-star extended warranties. If you receive such a warranty, you will receive workmanship coverage for 25 years. Quite advantageous, don’t you think so?

Manufacturers’ Warranties

Manufacturers’ warranties are also referred to as material or product warranties. These coverages are offered by the roof shingle manufacturers. They are usually limited warranties, meaning the time of coverage is dependent on the manufacturer. They technically cover any manufacturing defects on the roof shingles.

Moreover, they offer coverage if the shingles fall or break down before they are expected to. Keep in mind that these warranties do not cover disposal or labor costs. It is imperative to keep in mind the defects that are covered by the manufacturer because some manufacturers only offer protection for shingles that leak or those that affect performance. 

CertainTeed provides you with a full line of shingles that have warranties ranging from 20 years to lifetime-limited. There is a SureStart™ coverage that offers you the best protection that you can get in the early years after your roof shingles have been installed. Usually, this coverage (SureStart™) includes a 100 percent of both labor and material costs during the admissible time and is not prorated. This coverage can be transferred from the original owner to the sequential owner at zero cost up until the coverage period expires.

What Are Pro-Rated Warranties?

These warranties fall under manufacturers’ warranties. If there is a manufacturer’s defect in your shingles, you will be provided with replacement shingles consummate to the period remaining on your coverage. For instance, if you purchased 100 shingles with a 30-year coverage and you notice defects 10 years after the shingles were installed, you can make some claims to your manufacturer. 

Keep in mind that the manufacturer has to establish that the defect is from the manufacturing process and not resulting from the contractors who did the installations. If you can prove that it is indeed the manufacturer’s defect, you will receive 67 shingles for the 20-year period remaining on your coverage. If you want all of them replaced, you will be required to pay for the installation of the remaining 33 shingles. You will also be required to cater for the costs of removal, disposal, and reinstallation of these shingles. 

Extended Warranties

It is advisable for you to go for the 5-star warranties from Select ShingleMasters  when having shingles installed on your roof. The table below will indicate some of the perks. 
  3-Star Coverage 4-Star Coverage 5-Star Coverage
Lifetime of Shingles 20 Years 50 Years 50 Years
Non-Prorated Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Materials and Labor Yes Yes Yes
Tear-Off Yes Yes Yes
Disposal No Yes Yes
Workmanship No No Yes

As the table indicates, getting yourself the 5-star coverage is way more advantageous. Let us have a look at some of the warranties you can get for your roof shingles from CertainTeed. We have briefly mentioned some of them. 

SureStart™ Coverage

All of CertainTeed shingles have SureStart™ coverage. This is an impressive option because you are not charged anything for replacement or repairs of your roof shingles once it is established that the defects are within the SureStart™ period. This option, however, does not cover all costs apart from those stipulated under the lifetime protection. For those costs that are covered, you have to present a copy of the contractor’s invoice or other documents that indicate payment so that you can be reimbursed. 


SureStart™ is a transferable, limited coverage from the original owner to a subsequent owner. However, once it has been transferred once, it is impossible to transfer it to another owner. If the transfer occurs during the SureStart™ period, the terms of the coverage are similar to those of the original owner. Bear in mind that the terms will differ for certain products, particularly those that have a duration of 50 years and 40 years. These are measured from the time the shingles were installed and the period left on the coverage to the subsequent owner. 

On the other hand, if the transfer occurs after the SureStart™ duration, the coverage will be limited to two years from the date that the transfer took place. Keep in mind that coverage is not provided if defects on your shingles result from natural calamities such as wind, hailstorms, or other elements. Damages resulting from structural changes are also omitted from the cover.

Limited Algae-Resistant and Wind Coverage

CertainTeed also offers coverage for blue-green algae, which greatly affects the aesthetic value of your roofing structure. The shingles provided have a guarantee of between 10 and 15 years. If defects from algae occur within the coverage period, CertainTeed covers all the related costs, be it replacement or cleaning costs. You can also receive a limited wind coverage so long as the defects occur within the specified maximum wind velocity. As a result, you need to know what your coverage option covers. 

Overall, we highly recommend the 5-star coverage for your home. This is because it is applicable to products that are of excellent quality and those fitted by qualified roof installation professionals. It covers roofs that are installed by Select ShingleMaster. Usually, this protection includes materials, labor, disposals, tear-offs, and non-prorated coverage. Moreover, it offers workmanship protection, a coverage that you will not get from other options. The extended fully transferrable coverage is also a plus on the 5-star protection.

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