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Do I get to pick out the shingle color?

Yes. We can give you recommendations but ultimately, you can choose out of the colors available. If you happen to live in a neighborhood that has a Home Association you might have to get the color of the new roof approved by the Home Association.

How much does a new roof cost?

Several factors go into determining the cost of your new roof. They include the quality and professionalism of your roofing contractor; the brand, type and grade of roofing shingle you select; the size of your roof and the shape and slope of your roofline. Don't choose a roofing contractor on cost alone. Price is a factor, but not the only factor you should consider. Quality roofing material and contractor workmanship have value. Hiring the cheapest roofing contractor could cost more in the long run when you consider the cost to repair sub-par roofing and the damage it causes. Get a roofing estimate for an accurate idea. My-Pros estimates are convenient, fair, no obligation and you don't have to be home.

What type of shingle will be used?

Depending on what type of style of shingle you choose to be installed will be up to you. My-Pros will only install shingles made by CertainTeed, Owens Corning or GAF. There are some other shingle manufactures that are avliable to choose from but unfortunately My-Pros will not install a less expensive Shingle brand due to the manufactures warranty.

I am considering installing both roofing and siding. Which should I install first?

Your new roof needs to be installed before the siding is installed.

Which Shingle Manufactures do you recommend?

CertainTeed is our main line of shingles used. GAF & Owens Corning also make a good quality shingle.

What should I know about the Standard Manufacturers warranty?

Understanding the small print on a shingle manufactures warranty can be a bit confusing. The reason why My-Pros prefers CertainTeed, GAF or Owens Corning has a lot to do with the shingle manufactures warranty. There are some shingle manufactures that do not stand behind their product 100 percent. While manufacturing any type of product there is always a chance of a default in product, including shingle manufactures. With CertainTeed, GAF or Owens Corning they will stand behind their product for the life of the shingle style you have chosen. Meaning if there happens to be a default in their product they will pay for new shingles to be delivered to your home. However, CertainTeed, GAF or Owens Corning will pro-rate the value of the shingles by the life span remains. All three shingle manufacturers will cover hundred percent of there product for 10 years after the tenth year they will pro-rate the value of the shingles. The standard manufacturer warranty does not cover any other products in your roof system. For example metal flashings, ice/water shield, underlayment, starter strip shingles, ridge cap shingles, pipe collars, vents, nails, caulk, debris removal or labor.

Should I purchase the extended warranty?

Short answer is YES you should purchase the extended warranty. Even if you are planning on selling or staying in your home for a long time, the extended warranty has huge advantages if there happens to be a default in the roof shingles that could save you thousands of dollars. My-Pros happens to be a Roofers Select Shingle Master by CertainTeed. Which CertainTeed, GAF & Owens Corning do offer extended warranties on their products. My-Pros believes that CertainTeed offers the best extended shingle manufactures warranty on the market. (If you have not yet read the question and answer to "What should I know about the Standard Manufacturers Warranty", you should read that before continuing.) If there does happen to be a default in the roofing shingles yes you will have the Standard warranty, but if you do not purchase the Extended Warranty than you will be responsible for all of the roofing material besides the shingles, Labor, Tear-Off and the disposal of the defected roof. CertainTeed does offer three different levels of extended warranty, 3-Star Coverage, 4-Star Coverage or 5-Star Coverage. The 3-Star Coverage: The non- prorated coverage starts after the 20th year which is ten years longer than the standard warranty. Also covers the cost of all materials & labor as well as the cost of Tear-off. Fully transferable for 10 years with the 3-Star Coverage. The 4-Star Coverage: Is just like the 3-Star coverage except the non-prorated coverage time frame does not exist. Meaning there is no prorated coverage just coverage for 50 years with no proration. Also the cost of disposal of the roof is covered. Fully transferable for 12 years with the 4-Star Coverage. The 5-Star Coverage: Is everything the 3 & 4 Star Coverage is with the difference that Workmanship is covered for 25 years. Fully transferable for 15 years with the 5-Star Coverage. My-Pros feels that it is our responsibility as your contractor, to inform you about the shingle manufacture warranty.

What are those ugly black streaks on roofs?

The black streaks is the first stage of alge growth on your roof, which is known as oxation. Usually the north & west slopes will be affected first with the black streaks on the roof. Depending on how much tree coverage you have over your roof will also take an imporant role with the black streaks. CertainTeed roofing shingles have almost double the copper ions mixed into their shingle than other manufacturers. The copper that is mixed into the shingle is what helps keep those black streaks to occur. CertainTeed does have a 10 year streak warranty for their architectural shingle.

How much will a shingle color affect my energy bills?

There are several variables that affect your energy bill from a roofing standpoint, but in short, very little. Keep in mind that while we are in the Midwest, we still use our heaters at least five months out of the year. Having a light colored or reflective roof can provide some help in the warmer months, but it will hurt in the colder months. Most importantly, you want to make sure your ventilation system has enough intake and exhaust.

What happens if you find dry rot on my job?

If rotted or damaged wood is found on your house, it will be removed as necessary to reveal the extent of the damage. The job foreman will then estimate the cost of performing the additional repairs, and you will be contacted by an My-Pros Roofing representative with the revised figure. No additional work will be performed without your approval. We always check for problems with the roof deck. We re-nail any loose decking and replace any rotten wood that we find. If it is questionable, we will consult the homeowner before making any repairs.

Will My-Pros do a layover on the shingles?

No & Why? In most counties you are allowed to have 2 layers of roofing shingles. However, we strongly recommend removing the old roof, inspecting the plywood and rebuilding your new roof properly, with attention to the important details that make for a long lasting, trouble free installation. You may be putting a new roof over one that is hiding problems. Removing the old roof is not expensive and should be done.

How long does a re-roof usually take?

An average residential re-roof typically takes only one or two days of good weather, during which you don't have to be present, just available by phone.

What do you need access to when you are working on my house?

We need access to a standard 120V electrical outlet and water. On older homes we like to have access to the electrical panel just in case a breaker gets tripped while we are running our equipment.

Do I need to be home when the work is being performed on my home?

No, you don't have to be home while we're working on your roof, but we do ask that you remain available by phone in case any questions arise.

Does My-Pros do any other type of work than roofs?

1. Shingled Roofs. 2. Metal Roofs. 3. Wood Shake Roofs. 4. Flat Roofs. 5. Vinyl Siding. 6. Aluminum Siding. 7. Hardie Board Siding. 8. Gutters & Downspouts. 9. Leaf Protection. 10. Attic Insulation.

What type of payment does My-Pros accept?

My-Pros accepts cash, check or all major credit cards.

Do I need to secure any building permits?

As a licensed Roofing Contractor it is our responsibilty to obtain any permits that are needed. You as the property owner might be asked to tape the permit to a front window of your property. As far as the cost of the permit will vary between counties, towns or villages which My-Pros have seen as low as $25.00 and as high as $600.00 for a building permit. Majority of the time a building permit to re-roof your property will cost $65-$200 dollars. My-Pros will provide you a copy of the receipt.

Will I have to look out for nails after my roof is replaced?

We use tarps to catch falling nails and do a thorough cleanup after every job, including the use of magnets to pick up nails. However, there is always a risk that some nails will escape. Take a cursory look around the driveway before driving your car in. You can also look around yourself, or if you have kids of appropriate ages, consider offering a "nail bounty" for every one they find. Chances are they won't find too much, but you'll have the added confidence that there's been another sweep of the grounds.

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