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My-Pros Case Studies: Roof Repair in Rockford, IL

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 by Joe Boettcher


When Scott L. of Rockford, IL called My-Pros asking for help with two leaks in his home--one in the kitchen and one in the living room--we knew we had to act quickly and decisively before those leaks led to even more issues for Scott. 

Fixing roof leaks is not a task to be taking lightly. Leaks can lead to all sorts of problems, including water damage, electrical hazards, and even structural deterioration. On top of this, finding the cause of a leak is no easy task because, often, the outside source of the leak and the internal evidence of the leak don't exactly line up with one another. As a result, finding the source of a leak on the outside of a roof is often like finding a needle in a haystack. 


To find the causes of Scott's leaks, we performed a thorough inspection of his roof and attic, scouring the surface for any clear signs of cracks, rot, or deterioration. After a short time, we determined the causes of both leaks: The leak in Scott's kitchen resulted from a simple pipe boot defect due to dry rot. Wanting to be thorough, we also checked the rest of the pipe boots and found that two more of them were also defective. We then determined that Scott's living room leak came from his improperly flashed chimney. Once we'd discovered these causes, we went to work fixing them right away.

Repairing the pipe boots was as simple as removing the old, defective boots and replacing them with brand new pipe boots. As for the chimney, that was a bit more complex: We first had to remove the shingles and defective flashing from around the base of the chimney. Once we removed them, we installed ice and water shield around the chimney to provide an additional layer of leak protection beneath the new step flashing, which we then installed on top of it. New shingles were put in on top of these secondary layers of protection to make the area around the chimney look as good as new.

Scott loves that he no longer has to deal with those pesky leaks that previously gave him so much grief. Likewise, it was our pleasure to provide Scott with the long term secondary leakage protection he deserves!

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