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My-Pros Case Studies: Roof Replacement After Wind Damage in Monroe Center, IL

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 by Joe Boettcher


Sometimes the problem you thought you had turns out to be a lot bigger than you could have imagined. This was the case for Sam and Fran V. of Monroe Center, IL. When they called My-Pros about a leak in their roof, our guys suspected the problem might go deeper than just one leak. A team was sent out to inspect Sam and Fran's roof, and sure enough, they found multiple instances of wind damage all over the roof. If left unchecked, these damaged spots would likely result in even more leaks forming throughout Fran and Sam's home. We couldn't let that happen!


Initially, since they thought they only had one leak, Sam and Fran weren't sure they would be able to get their insurance company to cover the cost of the roof replacement. But because we performed a thorough inspection and found a lot more damage, we were able to present our findings to their insurance adjuster and get them the complete coverage they so desperately desired! We were now free to begin replacing their roof on the insurance company's dime. 

To fix Sam and Fran's roof, we completely stripped away all old roofing materials down to the decking. Then we inspected the decking and replaced the spots that were rotting away and causing the roof to leak. Once the decking was sound, we went to work installing the full roofing system, starting with flashing, ice and water shield, and CertainTeed RoofRunner synthetic underlayment. After we installed those crucial layers of secondary leak protection, we went to work on the shingles, beginning with the starter strip, following it up with the regular shingles, and capping it off with the ridge cap. Sam and Fran chose the great looking CertainTeed Georgetown Grey architectural shingle to decorate their new roof, and we think the final product looks great! Most importantly of all, the entire new system meets all building codes--an area in which their former system had been lacking. 

Sam and Fran are thrilled with the look of their new roof and overjoyed that they don't have to deal with those pesky leaks anymore. We at My-Pros are glad we were able to brighten such a lovely couple's day by not only giving them a great looking roof but also making their lives a little bit easier. All in a day's work!

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